Off to a small start

Alain Lagacé and Gilbert Bélanger, childhood friends who went to school together, joined forces to create Alarme Microcom. At first, Alain handled sales while Gilbert was in charge of installing alarm systems. Microcom wouldn't stay small for long…


Creating the central security station

To better serve its 900 active customers and maintain full control over quality, Microcom invested in the creation of its own monitoring station. Today, this remains the only exclusive installation of its kind in Québec.


Purchasing Alarme Sécuripro

Microcom gained 850 new customers in the Quebec City area with the purchase of Alarme Sécuripro.


The acquisition of Abonnex

The purchase of Abonnex in Rivière-du-Loup brought in 200 more new customers. Alarme Microcom continued to grow.


New remote video surveillance service

Microcom integrated new remote video surveillance technology designed to protect customers' outdoor sites. Real-time surveillance means that Alarme Microcom can now cut the number of false alarms and losses due to theft or vandalism.


Opening an operations and sales office

To meet the growing number of business customers in the Montreal area, an office was opened to cover the western sector of the province.


Purchase of Les Pros de l’électronique

Expansion continued in Montreal. With the purchase of Les Pros de l’électronique, Microcom gained 350 new customers.


Developing Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean territory

The purchase of Sécurex and the opening of a regional office in Chicoutimi gave Microcom the lead in security systems in the area with the addition of 260 new customers.

Moving to new location in Quebec City

Rapid expansion dictated the need for new office space, totalling 8,500 ft2. Now customers can see the surveillance camera systems, motion detectors and alarm systems in action in the only fully operational showroom of its kind in Québec.


Purchase of Alarmes Bariland

This transaction brought 625 customers over to Microcom.


870 new customers in Montreal

Alarme Microcom continued to expand in the metropolitan area with the acquisition of Alarme Joliette.


Alarme Microcom is now, more than ever, the leader in security systems

Today, Microcom counts 13,000 residential, commercial, industrial, institutional or governmental customers. We are one of the biggest private security systems sales, installation and service companies in Québec. We operate our own monitoring station, exclusivity in the province. And because we are constantly innovating, we now offer the ultimate in remote surveillance. More than 200 customers now use this IP camera image transmission service linked to our monitoring station.

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