Protecting human life first

When it comes to fire protection in commercial and industrial buildings, Alarme Microcom never compromises on the safety of occupants. We have been protecting people's lives for over 30 years. The installation, maintenance and annual inspection of alarms and smoke detectors are regulated by ULC Standard 526 and ULC Standard 530.

Your security system should also be connected to the monitoring station at all times by a dedicated high security link. This will save lives, limit damages and reduce the number of false alarms.

Our fire protection system:

  • detects smoke,
  • detects abnormal heat levels,
  • manually activates an alarm (manual pull station),
  • supervises automatic sprinklers,
  • detects smoke in ventilation ducts,
  • controls the air suppression system

Do you own a nursing home?

Recent legislation (ISBN: 978-2-550-68113-7) now obligates you to upgrade fire protection for your establishment. You can count on our 30 years of experience and know-how to help you comply with these new requirements. 

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