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Several good reasons to choose remote surveillance :

  • Control shoplifting
  • Manage personnel and stocks
  • Assure security during special events
  • Simplify CSST claims
  • Authorize and monitor visitors
  • Control cash registers

Digital surveillance cameras make it easy to send images over an IP network, to either a digital recorder or to a remote host site.

These cameras require no coaxial cabling, network cables are all you need. They can be combined in a mini-network using a multiple switch so that one network cable serves several cameras. This saves on materials and labour.

Analog vs. digital cameras

The IP camera is 682% more accurate for roughly the same price. With this surveillance camera system, you can record a huge quantity of images and access them from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or even your smartphone.


Caméra analogique

704 x 480
337 920

Digital camera

1920 x 1200
2 304 000

Do you already have cameras and wiring installed?

We can use coaxial cabling to install digital cameras using network converters. If your cameras are good quality, we can also convert their signal to replace your old analog recording system with the next generation of high-performance digital surveillance systems.

Our tech team works with all existing technologies. They can also link you to our remote recording and access system.

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