Boundless security

Security is the watchword for the future of business. C-TPAT is a voluntary security program that complies with current US standards so that you can:

  • Cross the border more rapidly.
  • Reduce cargo inspections.
  • Increase security in your company.
  • Build trust with prospects, clients, suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • Have access to international calls to tender.
  • And much more...

C-TPAT accredited exporters have US border crossing priority and use much faster dedicated lanes. They are specially authorized to cross the border even in the event of a red alert.

Because we are C-TPAT accredited, we can give you expert advice in this area and save you money. We can help you with the many aspects of security needed for accreditation, including:

  • Emergency response measures to ensure personal and property protection.
  • Shipping and receiving security procedures.
  • Physical security: preventing illegal entry.
  • Point of access control.
  • And more.

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